Mobile Solutions

Does your business have a mobile strategy? This is a question posed to many executives these days. Given the dynamic and changing landscape in enterprise mobility, many companies are scrambling to define a mobile strategy that enhances their business, and fills the needs of their customers.

Most businesses do not have a specialization in mobile technology, and how they can leverage it to their advantage.  Usually, a chaotic mix of platforms, networks and devices work to allow users to access minimal email functions at best, and create management and security nightmares at worst.

This problem can be solved by partnering with a company that has experience in guiding companies through a comprehensive mobile strategy, from implementing ruggedized mobile devices for field operations, to unified, secure email communications using BES.  Devices such as iPhone, iPad, Xoom, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile offer new and exciting ways to stay connected to the organization, which improves productivity, reduces the drawbacks of travel, and helps keep everyone “in the loop”.

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