Well, I take my IT advantage shirt everywhere I go. It advantage sponsored my semi pro soccer team with the popular addidas brand and a professional soccer player in (me) is proud to utilize its name during my training sessions, private sessions, and wearing it in each community that I visit, and I visit lots of them..

Matthew Zurita Los Andes Soccer Team

IT Advantage has been helping me keep my systems up and running for over a decade, and have always gone the extra mile to make sure I am pleased.  I often use complex implementations at both my office and home office, and Michael always finds a way to give me the results I need.  I run a complex and delicate accounting program called Timberline and he always assists with the updates to make sure that I don’t lose data, and for over 10 years I’ve never lost a single record.

I can’t recommend Michael and IT Advantage enough, as they always cater to my needs and don’t overcharge me, or add trip charges or make me sign contracts.

Dirk Griffin, CPA Mechanical Technologies, Inc.

Your web site is excellent, with up-to-the minute information useful to any computer user. IT Advantage is second to none in customer support!

Art Minds

Art Minds Art Minds & Assoc.